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Thread: For all of my Friends and Family here

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    For all of my Friends and Family here

    that may or may not have been following Dianne's progress, she had open heart surgery on April 3rd to replace her Mitral valve and to do a procedure that hopefully will cure her atrial fibrillation. They were thinking she would need two valves replaced, but once in, they saw that the Aortic valve was good.

    She had a mild stroke on March 17 that affected her speech and gave her some vision problems, but those are recovering and she's doing well from that... She's still going to be on antibiotics for another 5-6 weeks for the blood infection that started all of this and the doctors still haven't address the lower back pain that she's had since December... maybe once she's healed from the heart surgery they can then address the back.

    When I got to the hospital yesterday, she said the doctor had mentioned that she could possibly come home on Monday.... she has been home a total of 10 days since December 9 when I took her to the hospital the first time... can't wait - bachelorhood sucks - keep your fingers crossed and

    Thank you all for your prayers and support.
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    You got it Chuck, wish the best for your and especially your wife

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    You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update.
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    sending all the good vibes your way chuck.
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    Wonderful news Chuck. May she be home soon and do well. My best to you both.
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    Continued well wishes for your wife and you.

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    WOW -
    I sure do hop the best for both of you.

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    Wish her nothing but the best. Hope she fully recovers very soon.
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    Hoping that she is able to return home and continues to improve.
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    Wishing the best for your wife & you & for a 100% recovery.
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