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Thread: Flag & Medal Display Case

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    Flag & Medal Display Case

    While I've been working on other items, I also designed and built a display case for a veteran's burial flag and medals for my FIL. He had admired a few of them at the funeral home when my wife's grandmother died three years ago, but didn't like their prices. At the time, I volunteered to build one for him, but he wasn't ready to commit, I think because it made him feel the inevitable was closer. In any event, during our last visit to their home about six months ago, he mentioned a display case again, so I got busy on it when we returned home. We drove to their home near Birmingham this week and I presented him with the completed case.

    Stupid me...I forgot to take some good photos of the completed case before we left home, so I had to make do. Here's a fairly decent photo of the case.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I chose some of the fine Michigan chocolate bestowed on me a couple of years ago. I cut the sides and top pieces from one board so the grain had continuity up, across and down.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are the parts after I had finished the wood before assembly. The finish is a couple of hand-rubbed coats of tung oil (the real stuff), followed by two coats of 1/1/1 tung oil, naphtha, satin poly. I top-coated it with three coats of satin WOP.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Beautiful, Bill. The finish really came out nice and I like the insets around the perimeter.... those really set it apart.

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    She's a beauty Bill. A wonderful place for some special memories.
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    Fine looking piece - well done!
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    That came out great. I bet he loved it
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    Very nicely done. I made one for my FIL. Don't know who ended up with it after my MIL passed away.
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    Beautiful work, Bill.
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    Very nicely done Bill
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    Wonderfully done Bill, walnut is always a fine choice I need to make one for my fil's flag and will use yours as reference

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    Nice chocolate. Nice job.

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