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Thread: Shop/Yard Shoes?

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    Shop/Yard Shoes?

    Been wearing the same shoes for about 25 years, Cabala's technistride walking shoe, a knock off of the Rockports with the small parallel ridges on a vibram sole. Low heel which seems to suit my very bad back and those soles were like standing on a half inch or more foam pad everywhere I went. Low top lace ups keep most of the stuff out, or did until I have worn these until they have side ventilation. While soles can be replaced I have worn these until the uppers are shot too. Neither Rockport or Cabala's seem to sell the shoe anymore and the only shoe I have found with that sole is a pretty heavy looking pull on shoe with the exact same sole that Red Dawg calls a slipper, must be a Canadian thing! Might give them a try except they have a large patch of elastic on the side of them and I don't like their chances for long term survival.

    I asked somewhere about a year ago but can't remember where and a search didn't turn up anything. So, to stand on concrete for hours, work in the yard, everyday wear, what shoe? Easy on the feet, no huge tread pattern to track half the outside inside.

    Thanks for any suggestions!


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    hu lowery, " So, to stand on concrete for hours, work in the yard, everyday wear, what shoe? Easy on the feet, no huge tread pattern to track half the outside inside." I understand where you are coming from. I am eager to see what is learned with this thread.

    Lots of luck and Enjoy,
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    Can't help much but will try.

    I have a friend with some back issues that swears by Keens. He loves them.
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    I REALLY - SHOULD - learn something here.

    I wear - sometimes - er - bare feet?

    I wear - most times - uh - slippers?

    I wear - occasionally - some old shoes - soles should be glued on, as they flap around.

    As I am getting older - my bare feet are getting more sensitive to floor conditions. I don't barefoot in the shop with a lot of sawdust on the floor - I wear slippers. I wear my old shoes if I an doing things when shoes really are needed - tilling the garden - cutting trees down, etc.

    I been in this mode for many many years. It's not a problem to me.

    At work - I wear Nike's.

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    Several years ago I tried a pair of Merrells slip on dress shoes. The sales clerk told me a lot of doctors who were on their feet up and down hospital corridors wore them. I wore them out over about 10 years of constant wearing. I've replaced them with more Merrell dress shoes and 2 pairs of lace up low top hiking boots. These are all I wear any more, regardless o what I'm doing. The new line has some kind of sole that feels like you're walking on air. I have high arches so I have arch support in the hiking boots but don't need it in the dress shoes. Cabelas carries them and last time I checked, some of the hiking boots were on sale.

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    The same aging New Balance sneakers I wear everywhere else.

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    I've got some serious back issues. Spinal Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis. Constant back, hip, and left leg pain. The only shoe that offers any sort of relief that I've found are Rockport sneakers. Luckily there is a Rockport outlet close by where I can get them about half off. Usually around $60.00. The only time I wear shoes is going to church.

    this is the model but mine look a bit different.
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    Outdoors, where they get a lot of abuse and still retain their waterproofing--a new pair every two years:
    Shop, For turning I wear the outdoor shoes because I'm always dropping tools or turning blanks and need the protection. Otherwise for general puttering I use Crocks.

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    This answer will be as unique as you are. I can't take a lot of arch support; actually causes me pain after awhile. I am narrow at the heel and wide at the toes so a roomy toe-box with a padded tongue (prevents discomfort from the laces) work best for me. I used to wear Clark's before they went to China and turned to junk. Same for Bass and others. Columbia broke my heart when their quality went south. I have a pair of Columbia boots that are going on 25 years. I can't justify the $200+ for a decent pair of work boots so I just bumble along in whatever is comfortable knowing that they will last less than a year. Maybe I should do the math . . . $200 for a pair of boots that would last me the rest of my life probably isn't out of line.

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    Thank You All! Very much appreciated

    Thanks Everyone! Definitely gave me some avenues to explore. Hurricane Isaac put a couple feet of black water in the home I was living in. The speed and quantity of mold above the waterline was unbelievable. In three days I had solid mold four to five feet up and on shelves that hadn't gotten wet at all. A couple days of swamp water and sewage will do that. Naturally I had all of my good stuff easy to get to and my junk just in case stuff on high shelves out of the way! I literally have two pairs of shoes and one of them was a junk pair for mowing grass and weed eating that I salvaged from the garage. The other pair stayed wet for days with the nasty water while I wore them. New socks every day. I don't have the usual old shoes, sneakers, and assorted work shoes and boots to wear for this and that.

    With my priorities I am very close to barefoot'n like it or not! Waiting on my new hollowing system with laser guide while barefoot seems silly but I kept putting off shoes because I didn't really find any I wanted to buy. My shop is my back porch that I have caught a half dozen possums off of, a few raccoons, and a handful of feral cats. Barefoot out there isn't smart because of parasites otherwise I would be barefooting most of the time turning. Of course I drop things occasionally and the idea of a gouge or parting tool landing on one of my favorite feet pointy end first as Murphy is sure to have it ain't real appealing and barefoot would be plumb unfun!

    I do much appreciate all the avenues to explore. I have a Cabala's about an hour and a half up the road and need to get over thataway anyway so I'll probably take a look at shoes I can lay hands on but I'll explore all options mentioned on the net first so I have a better idea. Looked at Cabala's about a year ago and didn't like what they had but that was a year ago and what was on display then.

    Thanks to all, and anyone with other thoughts please add them. I'm looking for a shoe I can use and abuse and still look moderately decent to go to the walmart store in. Was feeling a little under the weather when I went to my doctor's for a routine visit last time and my shoes looked like something Freddie the Freeloader would wear. To make matters worse I had a late appointment and had put on a ratty old t-shirt to do a couple quick chores before putting on my fancy dress t-shirt with a pocket and without many holes in it to impress at the doctor's office. Nacherally I forgot to change t-shirts!


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