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Thread: Using/Buying Inlace, Stone Inlay or Other Fill-In Material

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    Using/Buying Inlace, Stone Inlay or Other Fill-In Material

    I am looking at buying or making something to fill in some voids on burls. What do some of you use? Anybody use epoxy with paint ? I have used CA glue and sawdust but am looking for other options that would be better looking, appealing or maybe set the piece off so to speak! Doing it economically too!
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    Brass filings from the locksmith look nice. Bring a small container and ask to sweep up around his key machine.

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    Good question. The purchased stuff is very expensive. One guy locally has a lock on the brass filings from key machines. Hope someone has an economical alternative.
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    Espresso powder is good and the smell helps the shop! Buy turquoise by the stone and crush it yourself.
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    Lamp black or fine ground charcoal makes an excellent black when mixed with epoxy.
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    Ground-up charcoal is my favorite. Works with either epoxy or CA glue, and it's essentially free.
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    I've never used this, but I know turners that do:

    The brass filings looks nice, visit a lock smith.

    Coffee grounds are popular as stated. Save up some old used grounds.
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    Never had good luck with Inlace. Would not cure properly when inlayed in voids.

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