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Thread: British Army Knife

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    British Army Knife

    This knife has been around the family for years, mostly sitting in sock drawers and other places where stuff ends up. It is my Dad's knife from the Second World War, which he carried with him as long as he was in uniform, which was until 1957. It was a bit rusted, so I soaked it overnight in Evaporust, and then rubbed it with 0000 steel wool. I think the grey metal look is correct, as you don't want your knife to give you away in the sunshine as a bright metal knife would. It bears the mark given to all British forces equipment, the broad arrow, and the date 1940. And for once I remembered to take a before picture.

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    I've sharpened it up, and will use it, but carefully, as I tend to lose pocket knives. Oh, the odd looking blade appears to be a can opener. I suspect it's more of a "can't open 'er," but I haven't tried it yet. It may also be good for removing stones from horses' hooves.
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    You would be surprised at how easily that can opener blade can open a can! Nice knife, great story.

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    Cool knife and great story Roger
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    That is very neat. Epically that you know the history. I'm a pocket knife collector of sorts. I always carry a pocket knife, which in this day and age make me a suspect person. I never could trim my finger nails with one, like my Dad could.
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    Great story Roger.

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    Knives have always had a special appeal to me. That one must be very special to you. Do you plan on having it on a lanyard of some sort to prevent loss? That is a can opener & it works very well. Just puncture the lid, then repeat leveraging the blade around the perimeter.
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    That's a great knife indeed. Definitely a keeper.
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    Very nice. It cleaned up well.
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