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Thread: Any FWW members around Witchita, KS and/or western OK?

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    Any FWW members around Witchita, KS and/or western OK?

    Leaving Sunday afternoon to get Big John.

    Wichita is one of the overnights for which I don't have a Family visit planned - yet. I have found a motel, so no problem there, but sure would like to have someone to talked to while I am there! Will be there Tuesday night, April 22. Or join me for breakfast the next morning.

    Pausing in Emporia, KS for a visit as well.

    After leaving Jay's I will be heading back across OK. Looking for a non-motel overnight in the western end of the state for Friday, April 25.

    I am really concerned with security for Big John and Bruiser overnight. Yeah, everything will be locked and covered, but that only keep lazy brooks and honest people honest. Really spooked by a guy's comment in a tractor forum on having his purchase go missing overnight at a motel. All other overnights are covered.

    I am excited about getting Big John and I am going a long way to do it. I'll be more excited when I get back and use it build Five Talents.

    Teaser: also have a line on a micro backhoe. Plan to have the bucket removable or convertible to lift stuff and carry it - like 12' 4x6's. Stay tuned!

    Yep, lots of money, but occasional labor is also expensive and whole lot less reliable!

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

    Power is not taken. It is given. Who have you given yours to? Hmmmm?

    Carol Reed

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    Carol, staying out of the "seedier" ends of town will help. Be aware of your surroundings. Park under a light, preferably back up to the light pole since this tractor is in the bed of your truck. Do this at any stops, back in so not accessible. You'll be fine.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    .45 with laser grip...that little laser light does wonders for security....although some say it makes a good target too.

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