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    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience of having a dishwasher. But there are certain things that are irritating.
    For instance it appears to make people (or at least the ones in my house) lazy. Also has this ever happened to you... you are quickly trying to get the dishes cleaned up and you are preoccupied with something else as you reach under the counter, grab the "SOAP" () bottle and fill the machine up and turn it on............................A little while later you notice bubbles coming out of the machine and realize the "SOAP" () wasn't dishwasher liquid it was dishwashing liquid. Oh well, there goes the time you were trying to save
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    My wife did something similar a few weeks back. She had put dish soap on some really greasy pans. I had to run about 10 rinses to get it to stop bubbling out. I'd suggest several more as a few days later when she ran it with the dishwashing tablets we ended up with a very heavy white film on everything in the load. Could be coincidental but I had to run about a half pint of CLR through the dishwasher in 3 cycles to get it cleaned up, some of the items still had to be washed and scrubbed by hand to get rid of the film.

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    I did that the first time I used a dishwasher, back in about 1970. I had foam coming out everywhere. I had to run the dishwasher three times, and mop up each time.

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