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Thread: Once Fired................

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    Once Fired................

    M2 .50 Caliber Ball Projectile 706.7 gr (45.8 g) The M2 is the original standard .50 caliber ball projectile with a hardened solid brass jacket, hardened solid brass tip and a solid steel core crowned with lead.
    These projectiles are 65-70 years old and are undamaged due to being fired into lake ice on an old 1940's winter military firing range.
    I just cleaned up with some steel wool in order to not damage the projectile rifling.
    You can tell how worn out some of the rifle barrel must have been by looking at the depth of the projectile rifling.

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    Wow, so where do you find these bullets?
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    Wow, those are very cool, Les. I really like the rifling marks.

    The last time I went desert shooting (out on public lands, not a structured shooting range), I was picking up empty shell casings and found a once-fired .45 caliber FMJ bullet. Not sure how it got there, as I was picking up brass in the area where shooters stand, not anywhere near the hillside being used as a backstop.
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