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Thread: Spray Finish on Turnings

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    Spray Finish on Turnings

    I decided to start another thread regarding spray guns/devices after some of the comments on my previous thread regarding Deft Acrylic being junk. So the reason I like the Deft spray cans of Lacquer are because I do not have to mix or clean anything up for 1 or 2 turnings - I am not doing alot of spraying or production work - Im not saying cleaning the spray guns are a big deal but I can move along faster rather then fiddle around with spray guns and cleaning with good results. Example: say I have 3-4 Finials - its faster for me and easier to use the Deft spray lacquer if i want a lacquer finish
    Most of my finishes now adays are done in Danish type oils (my own mixture as well as name brand) with Menzerna buffing/wax

    That being said I do have several spray guns - Kobalt HVLP - Paasche - Critter - Badger - The Critter puts out alot of spray in a oval type pattern and i find it least desirable of the list to spray turnings- Kobalt - works well with great control and adjustments but for a couple small projects I do not want to mess with the setup and cleanup - Paasche - great detail gun with alot of control and I do use it frequently (has 3 needles for different detail spray output) for dyes and small pojects - Badger is a inexpensive simple single action spray gun that hooks up to small glass jars and i can have several tinted lacquers mixed up or dyes etc - and change out quickly and easily - cleanup is just a mattter of submerging it into some lacquer thinner and holding the trigger open - it will clean it out and anthing sticking to it - Does it hurt the gun ? not so far and ive been using it for over 2yrs now - secondly its cheap enough to just buy another one but so far so good - it has a spring loaded spray adjustment on the tip and is simple to use - air pressure set at regulator/canister filter and run thru

    Pic 1 - wood sealer i use and it works well - EEE i use with my oil finishing
    Pic 2 - I use the Deft brush on to spray because i had it around and requires little cutting or none
    Pic 3 The Badger and spray bottle
    Pic 4 Cansiter filter/Regulator
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