So on the way to Larry i miraculously remembered Art mentioning the place in London Ont that bought a couple of trailer loads of these clamps when Bessey acquired the company. We managed to find the place en route to Larry and got there in the nick of closing time. Nearly made a large purchase then remembered we got to cross the border twice and how we going to explain. So clamps went back on rack.
But like all good boy scout stories.....just after the awwe comes the yayyyy so then the owner tells me not to worry but to sign up for their email flyer because they having a huge sale around May 24 and there will be a good deal on these clamps and i can call an order in and they will ship them to me.
So guys and gals if you interested sign up at Federated Tools and check out the flyer when it comes out if u in the market for some Bessey equivalent parralel clamps. They out of 18 inch size but have 12" 24" and longer.

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