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Thread: "Furniture is sculpture used by people"

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    "Furniture is sculpture used by people"

    I have been cleaning out no longer needed, no longer applicable, etc. furniture, clothing, files, etc.

    I ran across this quotation, "Furniture is sculpture used by people." I do not remember who wrote it or where it was written. It just sounded like real insight and I wanted to share it with you.

    I hope I posted this to the correct place. If not right, feel free to move it.

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    I like it. After performing exhaustive research (a 1.7 second Google search), I'm not seeing any prior use of that quote anywhere. I think that proves beyond a doubt that you are indeed the author. You had just forgotten that you'd written it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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    That is exactly my point, most people do not buy sculptures for their homes, but they do buy furniture which is not a sculptorical. It is my goal to make pieces of furniture that on top of performing its function well they have that sculptorical side embedded on them, and I'm not talking about having some carving decoration on them. Their shape and function should match so well that they shouldn't or couldn't be perceived as two different things put together.

    Unfortunately some of the furniture designs that are around they neglect or even don't fulfill the expected function in favour of that sculptorical appearance, a proper balance should be achieved, and that is the most difficult thing to do.
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