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    Nice video by one of the experts in the field.

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    I've read some of this lady's write-ups...nice to see the video.
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    thanks ted, that was very interesting info..
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    Really interesting. Gets the wheels turning on the whole idea of a business. I might just get ahold of that professor. I've spalted woods the old fashioned way. Throw them out in the woods in the shade and in a wet spot and check them every so often. It's pretty much a crap-shoot in what you get. Some of the best spalted maple I've found was in maple trees infested with carpenter ant colonies. It seems the ants introduce fungi to break down the wood fibers and make it more food valuable You also get more colors next to ant colonies. I am wondering just how many colors one might spalt into maple. I have seen pinks, black, browns, white, yellows, and combinations of the aforementioned hews. Can't remember greens, or purple. that would be too cool to be able to spalt a rainbow spectrum of color.
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