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Thread: Newest bowls

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    Newest bowls

    Here are some pictures of my latest bowls .The first two pictures are a bowl 4 3/4"w x4" h x1 /32"thick.
    The third and fourth picture is a bowl 5 1/4"h x4 3/4"w x1 /8" thick.In picture three the bowl is laying on it side to show the grain.

    The finish is mineral oil and buffed with carnuba wax.As usual comments good or bad welcome.
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    Very nice Ken. What type of wood are they made out of? I really like the third picture to show the grain. How long did it take you to make them? I'm curious because when I watch these instructional DVD's they make it look so easy and they do it so fast which I know is for the cameras but since I have never done a bowl yet I was just wondering does it take a couple of hours or many days to complete a bowl?

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    Ken both are real beauties. I like both the woods. What kind of wood is it? Nice job.
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    Nice job, Ken. Man, 1/32" is getting into thin territory. I'll bet that puppy is light.

    I third the motion...what kind of wood?
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    Lookin' good. 'cept for the fuzzy photography.
    The wood looks like figured walnut. Right? Wrong?
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    Sorry I forgot to tell you the wood ,it's maple from the croutch of the tree were two limbs met.Joan it took about 4 hours from cutting the blanks to turning and oiling and then buffing.The actual turning is about 1 1/2 hours maybe less just try it and don't rush it.It is really easy just take what you see in the videos and apply it slowly,the worse that can happen is you will have a couple of catches and then after the bee jesus is scared out of you you'll find that doing certain things is a no no.

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    Thanks Ken for the encouragement. I'm sure once I get started I'll have lots of those "scary moments" but like you said live or in this case try and learn.

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