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Thread: Lunch today

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    Lunch today

    It is hard for me to be inspired by food, but one has to eat. Today it is half a bolillo roll, with avocado, chicken breast, Swiss cheese, tomato, romaine, and mayonnaise. A few baby carrots and a slice of bread and butter pickle. Sliced apple top it off. Not bad.

    Share your favorite lunch. I need new ideas.

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    chicken korma with basmati rice here.
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    Grilled chicken spinach salad. Add some halved grape tomatoes, diced cucumber, hard boiled egg and just a bit of sesame dressing. Add some crumbled bacon and diced hot peppers if you please too. Finish lunch with an apple or banana. When I have time to make it and take it, I eat this almost everyday and it never gets old to me. I haven't had it once this week...guess I'll be grilling some chicken up this weekend. Looking forward to other ideas too!
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    Bologna sandwich, miracle whip on the bread of course.
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    had a spinach pie from my vegan daughter i thought she said mince pie it was like a turnover but i after the first bite i realized i had been deceived,, didnt go back for seconds
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    ohhhhhhh - HOW - I WISH -- I could say I am not inspired by food. I eat anything and everything.

    Today for lunch - a small grinder from a local small in town deli.

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    My favorite lunch is - well, any kind of food! Same goes for breakfast and dinner!!
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    - Egg Salad on fresh white bread, don't forget a piece of iceberg lettuce for some crunch, as well as good sized chunks of celery in the egg salad.

    - homemade cinammon raisin bread out of the bread maker - so fresh it is steaming hot, spread with butter. Then another slice, and another...

    - And call me old school, but I still like a pb + j regularly -- crunchy peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam is my preferred...

    - fried egg on toast with mayo and cheez whiz.
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    It was cowboy salad today, about like Jeffs, but they sliced up grilled flank steak on it.

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