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Thread: Wooden Easter Basket

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    Wooden Easter Basket

    My younger son (in kindergarten) needed an Easter Basket for school this year. So I set out to make one out of wood (what else, right?). This is what I came up with. It is made of 1/8in birch plywood. The handle is a bent wood lamination made of cherry. The box part of the basket is glued together with CA glue. The bottom sits in a dado. The ends sit in a rabbet. I used blue painters tape to hold the box together while the CA glue dried. Clamps would have crushed the plywood. After it was all done, he "decorated it" with markers. Considering that he was going to draw on it, I wasn't too concerned with the CA glue squeeze out that occurred. All of the plywood cuts (dados & rabbets) were done on my table saw using a Freud thin kerf 50 tooth combination blade along with a zero clearance insert.

    I included a picture of the form that I used to make the handle. It is made of MDF screwed onto a piece of plywood. There are dowels in the plywood to allow the use of wedges to aid in the clamping. Before using this, I waxed everything with Johnson's Paste Wax to prevent the glue squeeze out from bonding the handle to the form.
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    you should date that basket sean because one day someone will look back at and wonder who and when it was made
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    How about a picture of your son's art work? This is a collaboration, right? And Larry is right. Date and both of you sign it. You never know when at some date in the future that basket will bring joy to someone's heart in a needed time in the memories it will instigate.

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    Great looking basket Sean.

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    Good job Sean.

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