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Thread: last sonrise

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    last sonrise

    This past week my nephew Scott after sitting in the early mourning, watching the sun rise with his mom. Reached over took her hand and that breathed his last breath of air on this earth. As some of you know I was very proud of him as a person and a artist. Yes he liked the digital art, but he was every bit as good with a pencil, or a paint brush. The platter ain't much, but I think they will get the message every time they look at it. In the house pic I'm posting you can see the windows my bro made for his house, these are the windows they were looking out of on that mourning. As a side note this is the last place my son ever saw also, as after leaving there he died not 3 min down the road. Now Scott and Sol were not only cousin's but best friends. So now Sol has his Best friend with him, and just waiting for the rest of us to show up. The self portrait is from Scott when he found out he had cancer.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit.
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    sorry to hear of your loss steve, our condolences to you and yours.
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    Please accept my condolences. That is a beautiful platter as a remembrance. They will cherish it.
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    The platter is really cool...better that it has great meaning now.
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    sorry about this steve,, and that platter will be a nice sentimental piece for sure..
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    Steve, really sorry for your loss.

    Platter and the self-portrait are excellent and will be a source of remembrance for the whole family.
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    Some are here for such a short time and leave such a big hole. Art surely runs in the family. Sorry for your loss, but you hang around some more! Nice memorial. Interesting house, too.

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    My gosh Steve, I can't imagine the pain. So sorry for your losses.
    The Gibson family's thoughts are with your family.
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    Both beautiful pieces to honor such wonderful souls, sorry for your lost Stephen.

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    This is a heartbreaking story Steve. Very sorry for your loss.


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