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Thread: Box for my daughter

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    Box for my daughter

    My daughter Laura asked for a box to put her son Eliot Robert's memorabilia in. He passed away last April 26th. I made the cross for his grave but really didn't have it in me to build this box until recently.

    I thought about inlaying and other fancy stuff but I decided on a simple cherry and curly maple box with rosewood splines. She really loved it.

    I went with a sturdy piano hinge only because I figured her 2 other kids would probably be opening and closing it often putting in drawings and other stuff they made for him.

    Interesting note on the name Eliot. On my mothers side, we are descendents of John Eliot. John came over on the Mayflower in 1620 landed at Plymouth rock and preached Christianity to the Indians. Two of my daughters have the middle name Eliot.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bob great looking box, and I know it' gonna be cherished for years to come.

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    That box turned out beautiful. Great for memories. Interesting story about the name Eliot also.
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    Beautiful work, Bob. Your heart shows in the extra embellishment needed.
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    i agree that no extras needed, the wood and the persons skill that made it was just right.. interesting story bob on the mayflower, now maybe you can dress up and do some reenactments..
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    Simple and elegant.
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    Great job! The curly maple looks great.
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    Love it.

    I love the wood - Cherry ALWAYS looks great and I just LOVE cutting it.

    The maple is really pretty too.

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    Now that is one pretty box, Well done Bob.
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    You are letting the wood speak...cherry, curlie maple, splines, those are the best! Nothing but the best for this project Bob, from the heart, well done!

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