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Thread: My Shop Diagram

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    My Shop Diagram

    When I get the current projects out I'll post some pics; can't hardley see across the gara . . . uh, shop right now. Original home buyers were good enough to not take the fourth bedroom option on the floor plan. This gives me a couple hudred extra square feet in the garage on a level pad.

    To be honest I had made up my mind to buy the place before I ever got inside. when I pulled up, the garage door was open, it was empty and clean and it looked huge (21 x 31 usable). Sorry the file reduction made some things hard to see but, you get the general idea. It looks a little sparse but I'm big on having room to turn around without tripping over something. With a couple projects going it gets crowded real quick .
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    Looks nice!

    What program did you use to create the drawing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Herring View Post
    Looks nice!

    What program did you use to create the drawing?
    I use Visio. Not because it's better than anything else but it is what is used in my work. I've used it since it displaced Corel for diagramming complex communications networks years ago (back before Corel mutated into what it is today, very different but quite nice).

    There are folks out there who have done a wonderful job of building and posting free scalable icons for shop design using Visio but it can be cost prohibitive.

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    Thats not sparse, thats good use of the space. Got to have staging/open space! I had the space in mine to rebuild the bandsaw and the jointer at one time. If I had it full of 'stuff" I couldn't have worked in there.
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