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Thread: Rotary Phase Converters

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    Question Rotary Phase Converters

    Fellow Mods, I didn't know where to put this. Move it where it needs to be

    Well, I am to the point I am going to need 3 phase power in the shop. Was really trying to avoid this but I was given a 5hp 3 phase big pig for my bandsaw. Not as old as the saw but definitely a vintage motor. Plus I fired the VFD for my grinder I need a big motor for the jointer and 3 phase are much cheaper......

    UNCLE!! I give.

    I want to build a Rotary Phase Converter. Got the basic, don't totally understand them but I know it works. I can build it no problem. I just need a good reference. Anyone know of a good web site? I did some search but just found to much commercial stuff. Wanting to sell me something. I know there are gems out there hiding. So anyone know of one or more?
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    Steve Clardy Guest

    I've run across a couple of sites, but never bookmarked them.

    I have a homebuilt 5hp rotary convertor.
    If necessary, I could remove the cover and peek in there.
    It has a box mounted on the side of a 5hp single phase motor, with a stack of capacitors in there.

    Been several years since I've took the cover off of it.

    Rick Christenson?? Something like that, is an avid electrical question poster on smc and Woodnet.
    Seems like He had something on his site about convertors

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    best article I've seen was on metalwebnews, you could add that to your googling. Rick Christopherson has a good article on his site too. Super easy to build, relay, start caps, and run caps (the only hard part is sizing these). You can get away without the run caps, but its probably not good for the motor.

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    Here is a link that I found. Looks like it describes how to build one.

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    Phase-A-Matic has a lot of info, and more specific check this Static Phase Converter Installation document, it talks about using one to make a Rotary Phase converter using an idler motor.

    I have a Rotary Phase Converter from Anderson Converters. I bought it used on craigslist for $300 (7.5HP model).

    Additionally, I have a brand new 600HD 5HP static converter, which some say can start 5HP motors, but in theory it's only good for about 3.5HP (2/3rds of 5HP). Band saws fall into that category that require an idler with an extra 1/3rd HP to start. My plan was to slap a 5HP motor with it and see if it would start my 5HP motors. I think it will.

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    A RPC is not difficult to build and you can scrounge the parts on the cheap. Check out the Practical Machinist "Transformers, Phase Converters and VFD" forum for some very good info and how-to and plans. They're also helpful with the questions you might have. Here's a link to the plans page


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