In my remodel project my kitchen cabinets will have a crown molding around the tops of the Cherry cabinets.

The kitchen and living room ALSO - has Crown molding.

So I have been wondering - HOW - am I going to transition from white crown - into Cherry Crown.

When I was in Trumbull Ct last week, I was noticing how my son's inlaws had the room crown transition into the cabinet crown. Well the 2 crowns were very similar - but not an exact match. It did give me the idea though.

So - tonight - I did some REALLY hi-tech work on the idea.

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I used some calibrated lined notebook paper.

I traced the shape with a nice sharp pencil.

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I took measurements.

I then used my portable scanner - (point and shoot el cheapo camera.)

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I imported the hi-tech scan into Aspire and scaled the sketch to fit into the lines I measured on the note book paper.

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I extruded the shape on a straight line making sure the thickness is correct.

I will need to finish off the angles on the backside via the table saw.

The 21 inch section will take 1.5 hours to cut. I will feed through the length I need 21 inches at a time.

Sure it is a slow process, but the end result will be awesome.

When I make the cabinets the crown transition from the white crown into the Cherry Crown will be flawless.