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Thread: Pony bar clamps

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    Pony bar clamps

    I find bar clamps very useful especially on bigger items like cabinets. Well I walked into my favorite surplus store to browse the tools looking for a wire brush and see what is new. Well on the wall was 4 new 3/4 pony bar clamps for $7.95 each. And wouldn't you know I had just cashed the check from the recent bandsaw trade I did. That was just to cheap to pass up since I didn't have to pay shipping and I really have been wanting some more bar clamps. Now if I could just find a deal on pipe.

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    Good deal on the Clamps !

    Of course you can never have too many clamps! I have some extra 36in clamps on long term borrow from my Dad for a cabinet-shelf that I have been working on.
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    You suck. I wish I could find a deal like that. They are over $12.00 here. For the pipe go see a plumber and ask for his price on it. Sometimes they are cheaper then the BORG.

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