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Thread: noone will notice this

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    noone will notice this

    no one comes in my office, I don't let them.
    im supposed to clean it, I don't that often, the reason theres always dust. I get around to it eventually.(im making excuses for the dusty printer)
    I needed a printer stand, the last one fell apart, so I made one from all the leftover cut down sheet goods.wanted it to match the built in cabs I put in.
    I hope no one notices I had to put the sides of cherry ply with horizontal grain, not vertical grain.
    Couldn't cut it any other way, and did not want to buy a sheet of cherry ply. Not for this.
    Its on castors, (hf, on sale, then used 25% off coupon on one of them, I think they were 1.89 each good enough for this)
    On castors, its easier to get in the back and clean up the dust on all the wiring.

    its tucked in corner, no one will notice the grain of the sides. right?
    I don't want anyone to think I haven't been doing anything lately.
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    allen, what you make for your self is what works for you others can whistle dixie
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    You mean printers are not suppose to have that amount of dust on them! I thought they came that way, can't remember mine with out it! Nothing wrong with that cabinet. It hold the printer off the ground.
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    I like the sideways grain. The horizontal line goes with the horizontal line of the printer.
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    Allen like Larry says, if they don't like it tuff. When I build for someone else I build to there specks. When I build something for me I build for practicality. Ether way good job man.

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    If you didn't mention it I never would of noticed.

    Nice project
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    Grain? What grain? I thought those were specially crafted dust lines. Nice job Allen!

    PS: I never buy a printer unless it already has dust. Otherwise it won't work properly!
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    noone will notice this

    Like Larry says, it's for your own use. Whatever works. Besides, you made good use of expensive ply that might otherwise have gone to a landfill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    allen, what you make for your self is what works for you others can whistle dixie
    +1 will be covered with dust soon enough....don't worry about it.

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    I'm shocked, shocked I say! I thought everyone knew that wood grain is supposed to run diagonally on printer stand cabinets. It's common knowledge. For you to fly in the face of standard practice is simply appalling!
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