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Thread: Friday has struck again!

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    Friday has struck again!

    So, what's up, folks?

    Gonna spend some time this morning with mortising timbers. I have to finish a PowerPoint for Sunday, and in between there will be lots of writing. No special meals planned. That doesn't happen when you live alone and cook for one.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Carol Reed

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    more working on the corner shelf for the nephew, and finishing up some cutting boards today, and working on the chairs tomorrow.
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    I have plans to pick up a used wood lathe tonight, probably will be living in the dog house the rest of the weekend after that, unless I can get it home without my wife's knowledge (also known as the Roger Tulk technique). I think Dad wants to try out a new shooting range, they built a new one with a 200 yard section this past fall across the state line. Also need to do some yard work.

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    Cleaning and restarting our hot tub this morning. Keeping an eye on my first attempt at some worthless wood casting for pen blanks.

    Practice some turning techniques on Saturday.

    Sunday should be a full day of rest!!!
    Bill Arnold
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    Got company....who knows what will happen

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    Tonight staying in and resting up...Tomorrow celebrating my dad's 70th birthday!! It was acutally the 27th, but the party is tomorrow. I'll be the grill master while everyone eats and drinks a few cold ones. My wife and sister planned it all so I just need to show up and get told what to do. Sunday resting up after the party and maybe get started on the girl's bunk bed.
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    Running usual weekend errands.
    Appt. with orthopedist (hand specialist) for injections in fingers (ouch) with steroid medication to resolve trigger finger & perhaps some pain medication for arthritic fingers.
    Dinner out with the LOML.
    Work on a larger box (surprise).
    Visit local Rockler's store & Harbor Freight.
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    Ten yards of mulch to spread, 1˝ acres to mow, garden area to rototill, house siding to pressure wash, flower beds to weed out.

    Yeah, it's a busy weekend. About the only shop time I'll get is sharpening the mower blades.
    Jim D.
    Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

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    Saturday I'm participating in an Ironman triathalon for charity (Orphaned and Homeless Puppies Fund) in the morning, then later in the day I'm going to single-handedly put out several blazing buildings while rescuing small children and their mothers. Sunday will mostly be spent achieving world peace and bringing about universal brotherhood. Might also watch some NASCAR.

    Actually, I got nothin'. Probably practice some guitar stuff and do a bit of tweaking on some of my guitar gear, might do a bit of hiking, and will for sure be getting caught up on some sleep. Tonight and Saturday I have my choice of several friends' bands to go see around town. In other words, nothing significant on the calendar.
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    I had the entire week off and worked on the remodel.

    Installed front entry door

    Did some wall repairs in the hallway

    Installed one more bedroom door

    Moved along on the beam covers #3 of 5 almost ready to install.
    Plan to install Sunday

    I made 2 ( Oklahoma US 66) signs

    Will try to do a progress thread on that one.

    Took Grand daughter to Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield Mass.

    Spend a Day at Kittery Trading Post in Maine and had some Maine Lobstah
    Walked around historic Portsmouth New Hampshire.

    It has been a great week.

    Spent the week makin believe I was Retired - AWESOME

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