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Thread: Burnishing Tools Etc?

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    Burnishing Tools Etc?

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    I personally don't Mike, they are usually used on scrapers and I loke to keep the burr on mine as long as possible. There are pleanty of folks that do however!!
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    I made up my own simplified version some 4-5 yrs ago.

    I used a scrap solid Carbide Endmill as the burnishing post and because I have no means of machining a taper as per the commercial items I set it at an angle, approx. 5deg. which seems to work OK.

    As I do not have alternate Burnishing posts with differing angles, if I need to increase the attack angle to increase the edge pressure I place a large packing washer on the pivot stem to lift the scraper handle.

    It works but I must confess that it was one of those fads that quickly fell by the wayside as rarely worth the effort.
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    I have the small LV burnishing tool, that I bought with my card scrapers. I tried it on my square turning scraper and it worked pretty well. Got good results.

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    I've also got a small burnisher for my card scrapers. Tried it a few times on my turning scrapers, and it seemed to me any noticeable improvement (which for me was very little) didn't seem to be worth the extra process and effort. I'm happy with the way my scrapers come off the dry grinder, and it literally takes me about 2 seconds to put a fresh burr on a scraper and get back to turning -- 5 seconds if you include time for the grinder to get up to speed. One thing that helps is that all my scrapers are ground at the same angle, so the tool rest on my grinder never needs to be adjusted.
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    Sounds good Vaughan. Thanks all for the replies!

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