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Thread: Locusts? They Prefer to be Called Grasshoppers

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    Locusts? They Prefer to be Called Grasshoppers

    Due to a mild winter and the drought, Albuquerque is experiencing a grasshopper invasion. You might have heard about it on the news. But keep in mind that if you hear about any burning hail falling around here, it's probab;y just localized stuff, and not widespread.

    But I think the article is innaccurate when they say "millions" of the insects. I'm betting it's in the billions.
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    Well I can truthfully say that report has bugs in it.

    JimB (who has a few bugs of his own)
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    Could be a source of protein for the poor people of Albuquerque. After all, John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey. I always thought locusts were the winged phase of grasshoppers. My son tells me that 'hoppers taste OK.

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    We are getting clobbered with an invasion of Moths this year. The thing that confuses me is that they supposedly go through a larval/caterpillar type stage, and I haven't seen one of those.

    Somewhere earlier this year, or still going on, must be a bunch of those little guys just swarming on bushes/trees or something.

    Here's a video of some of them swarming around a trap I put in the garage. Just a bucket with a little soapy water and a clamp on light.
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    Glad you all got the bug's I've got Rabbits. Seems that wood pile was a perfect birthing place for a few females. Going to be a lot of rabbit stew cooked come fall.
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    I was at Brent and Sharon's last night and should have brought my deep fryer and spicy mustard...5:00 pm and they were mounting their attack!
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