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Thread: Hungry Jointer...

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    Hungry Jointer...

    Jointing a small piece tonight when I heard a funny sound, kind of like a cough.
    The piece hesitated a bit also.

    When I looked at my push pad, this is what I saw:
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    Hmm, I guess the jointer got hungry. I'm not even quite sure how this happened.
    I was edge jointing, so not much should have been exposed. But I think the corner of the push pad caught the guard as it was going by

    Closer look, bit blurry - but the plastic is about half-chewed through as well as the rubber grip. The palm of my hand was on the other side of that bite!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Actually I'm kind of surprised that the jointer didn't bark a bit more. It just ripped that out without much of a hesitation.
    Always use push blocks, friends!
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Great advice Art. My FIL cautioned me when I bought my Jointer that they were well known as finger eaters and to always be safe around them and to use push blocks.

    He was a carpenter and woodworker his whole live and lived to his mid 90's with all of his fingers intact. So I value his advice as well.
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    Jointing small pieces can be deadly. Push blocks for sure! Be careful out there. Have a friend who lost 3 fingers jointing a small piece and he is no amateur woodworker. Not a pro, just not an amateur.

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    Glad you weren't hurt Art. I always appreciate any posts about safety. We just cannot be too vigilant.
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    I don't do small pieces on the jointer, just plain too scary for me. Made an Osage Orange butt plate for a shotgun last week and used the belt sander to flatten. Slow but safe.
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