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Thread: Window jamb extensions and molding's completed

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    Window jamb extensions and molding's completed

    My Reno is poking along, thankfully I have a very patient wife. If I ever do this again I would make the crown molding a little taller, or the side profile thinner although the pic seems distorted somewhat. Still toying with adding an accent piece in the side molding but I am still not sure. Not sure why the color is different in the pics, its the same window. Doors are next unless I press my luck a little more.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks pretty darn good to me Eric
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    for looks eric i agree with you on wider top or narrower sides.. the sides are noramlly around 2.25" so with you using crown on top it gives the illusion of being narrow at the top.
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    Very nice, Eric.
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    That looks GREAT

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    I think it looks good. If you feel it's out of place, you could always consider a top cap above the crown to add some proportion.

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    Looks GREAT! Good job.

    For some reason I'm looking at the area beneath the window.

    Instead of more at the top, maybe adding a horizontal apron beneath what's already the sill, or

    filling the area all the way down to to the floor with a wood panel of some kind?

    Click image for larger version. 

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