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Thread: Personal Trainer?

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    Personal Trainer?

    I have decided to shed the excess weight and get in shape since I am not getting younger and due to the fact It's been too many years and way to many beers so I am on a strict diet which I have been following for a couple of weeks and have joined a gym. The plan is to at first exercise 3 days a week and as it gets easier then I will increase it. Now the question the membership came with a free 1 1/2 hr consult with a personal trainer. She spent the entire time going over everything with me and put me through the most intense workout I have had since high school football. Now the question. Has anyone else used a trainer before and is it worth the money. It ain't cheap but neither if your health. So any body tried one before ?
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    Don, congratulations on starting your new program. If you have the money, go for it. A personal trainer can get you started in the right direction and help keep you motivated. I had the benefit of one in my fifties and it worked out great. The gym may also offer various classes like aerobics and weight circuit training which are group activities that I found motivating. Keeping with the program is my biggest problem, so whatever it takes to keep you going is worth it.

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    Starting an exercise program has never been hard for me. Continuing a program consistently has. If my latest efforts don't fare better than those in the past I may go the trainer route. Having someone who I am responsible to should keep me at it. Of course, having that money to spend on wood instead should keep me at it aw well . Good luck and congratulations on working toward a healthier life. I don't mind growing old, I just don't want to be old and slow.
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    Personal trainer will call you ahead of time and bug you to go on your three days. If you miss you will still probably have to pay the trainer.

    Peronal trainer will work you as hard as a High School boy in football season--even if you say slow down. Be prepaired to sleep 3 hours more per day 7 days a week.

    Personal trainer will advise you to eat, oatmeal, eggs, protein powder etc, and not drink alcohol at all, and no sugar foods.

    Its a bigger commitment than just going to the gym.

    Worth it?

    Can you handle it??????????

    (will your wife get jelouse of the girl trainer, if so ask for a guy trainer)
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