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Thread: Unbelievable! Friday again!

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    Unbelievable! Friday again!

    Wish I could say I was going to do something productive. Will struggle off to the acupuncturist this morning seeking some relief. Also waiting on Kevin to water the perc holes at Five Talents. Am trying to write but it is very hard to focus when part of my back is screaming. Learning new exercises and trying new pillows and supports and such.

    I have not been in this much pain for so long since the accident in 2001. L5 and S1 are not playing nice with their neighbors.

    Would much rather be outside working on the shade structure.

    Ya'll share with more fun things, huh?

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    Wow Carol , couldn't sleep ? I hope you get the healing you need.

    Tomorrow my son Jon is having an open house at his new home. as far as the rest of the weekend. ?
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    set up lathe tomorrow morning, then resurface my driveway(1500 sq of blacktop resurface, not fun)
    fathers day, I was told we are going out to my favorite restaurant late afternoon.(only 8 of us)
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    Well our house is a mess. My wife wants to move on the next couple years and we have a packed house of 47 years of accumulated "stuff". She is finally going through things and planning this huge yard sale. It is really overwhelming! I will be moving boxes around for her and shaking my head a lot. I will also be weeding, and working outside. We're having problems with the little black ants so I will be doing some spraying around the house also.

    On the fun side, I have a few projects going I hope to get some time on. I'm making new knobs for my drill press, building a cart for my street organ and two kaleidoscopes going. Going to be a busy continuation of the past few weeks.
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    A routine weekend in the makings. Errands, paint another, but larger, WW project box, dinner out for FD this Sunday. May take out the bow & practice with it.
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    Getting paid to golf this afternoon at a work outing. My wife's aunt and cousin are coming in to town tonight so there is a family gathering somewhere. Rest of the weekend will be spent scrapping and power washing the house getting it ready for paint. Not looking forward to it either.
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    Unbelievable! Friday again!

    Day off today. Wife is down visiting and we are taking the BART to downtown SF. Sat and Sun will play some golf and watch some (US Open). Wish I was home and in my shop instead!

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    Wife and I are going up to Lake Powell for a long weekend on a house boat. Gonna meet her two sisters and my BIL for a few days relaxing and cruising.
    Coming back Tues.
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    Carol, I hope that back gets better soon. My back doesn't scream much, but it talks to me a lot.

    This Saturday I am hoping to finish a printer table, in peruvian walnut. Other than that, it's just see what the day drags in.

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    Time to declare war on the mole(s) attacking my garden. Tried to find some of the sharp pointy traps and the big boxes don't carry them anymore, so i ordered them from amazon. Sprays and baits don't seem to work. Saturation trapping does. Yard work after lots of rain. Now I need to spray for ticks again. This year has been a banner year for them. I'm a tick magnet.

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