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Thread: Any Strawberry Experts?

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    Any Strawberry Experts?

    I had a pretty good crop of strawberries this year, but in my little I have a group of plants that have real yellow leaves. These plants yielded good berries. I know something is lacking. Any suggestions?

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    I am no gardener. In fact I just dropped my strawberry bush to a friend with a green thumb for critical care. But the berry guy told me berries like acid soil and nitrogen - and to add some coffee grounds to the soil from time to time. So maybe, check the soil.

    Oh, the diagnosis of my raspberry bush; needs a bigger pot, better drainage, root 'ruffling', and more water. I need a greener thumb!

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    No wheres close to being an expert, but it looks like the plant is getting too much water. Poor drainage would be a first guess, as strawberries don't like compacted soil. I'd loosen the surrounding topsoil and cut back on watering to see if things get better...if not, that could lead to what's called 'Red Stele' disease.......But then again, I've never stayed at an Holiday Inn Express
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