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Thread: Bonus! #4 Bailey body smoother

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    Bonus! #4 Bailey body smoother

    A friend gave me her Dad's hand plane. It has a Stanley lever cap, a Bailey body, flaking totes, and a ton of rust. The totes maybe walnut under the flaking finish. Shellac, maybe?

    That makes at least 3 #4's I have collected that need TLC. Guess I'll have to set up an electrolysis tank. I think I know where one of my battery chargers are.

    Another thing for the to-do list when my back let's me do to-do things again.

    Picture tomorrow.

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    Most of the totes on Stanley planes that were not painted were rosewood. Sounds like a good find. Besure to do before and after pics.

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    I'm no rust guru but, I restored a rust bucket of a number 6 with Evap-o-rust. No battery charger required.
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    i agree and the evaporust can be used over and over for a period of time..
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    Yup Evaporust non toxic and safe and it works. Harbor freight has it at a good price better than we have here and its Canadian. If you use it when you take it out the evapo rust if left to dry without completely wiping all the liquid off it will have a coating that will prevent rust flash.Helps if its agitated every now and then.

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    I'll stick to the electrolysis. For a couple of cents worth of baking soda My No. 8 Jointer came out beautiful. I didn't even get a line from where it stuck out of the bucket because it was too long long to completely submerge it.

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