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Thread: Charles W. Morgan

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    Charles W. Morgan

    I will start with an apology.

    I know this is a woodworking forum - and posts of this sort are NOT really woodworking related.

    In some way - they are - because I love things that are done with wood.

    BUT - there are more things that I love.

    A bit obsessively - but I love where I live and I love to brag about the place.

    I live in Southeastern New England. It is a VERY maritime place among other things.

    Todays brag is about one of my most favorite places on the earth - Newport Rhode Island.

    Maybe you have heard about "Americas Cup" - it was here in Newport for over 100 years undefeated.

    Famous people - The Vanderbilts, the Astors - and others - have influenced the place

    The Navy has influenced.

    If you absolutely hate this sort of post just tell me to stop and I will stop.

    So for my visit on Fathers Day 2014 to New Port R.I.

    The pilgrims get a lot of credit for a lot of stuff - but they kicked out Roger Williams and Rhode Island was born.

    Well - Rhode Island is old - lets leave it at that.

    I get a kick out of old stuff.

    Newport has a rich history and many hundreds and hundreds of houses - I would say even thousands, on the national register of historic places.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1711 house-2.jpg 
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ID:	83345Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1711 house.jpg 
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    Because all these houses are so close to and there because of Newport Harbor - many were sea captains houses. This is one of hundreds of houses we walked by today. It was the oldest house we saw - today. It is not the oldest house we have seen - it's just the oldest - today. This house as well as 99% of the rest were occupied. ALL - of the houses in this are are on the national register.

    The oldest house we have seen and toured was in Plimouth Mass and that was the springer house built in the mid 1600's

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	belville rd.jpg 
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    This was just an interesting corner in the historic district.

    BTW - the historic district is about all of Newport.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ornate thing.jpg 
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    I am always looking for ideas of things to some day make - this one looked cool. It was in an antique store.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Morgan.jpg 
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    OK - just one picture here but I could write a small book on the 3 MAIN things in the picture. The bridge in the background has a cool history. The little square lighthouse just ahead of the bow of the ship is Rose Lighthouse - Civil way stuff. I am standing on Fort Adams - Civil War history. John F. Kennedy homestead "Hammersmith" is a stones throw away.

    But no - it's ALL ABOUT that ship.

    That ship is the Charles W. Morgan - Last Whaling Ship in the world from the Day of Whaling by Sailing ships. That one just underwent a 5 year, 7 million dollar restoration. Today, for the first time since 1941 it SAILED - from Mystic Conn to Newport Harbor. It was a New Bedford Whaler and made it's impression on that city of my birth from 1841 when she was built till her last whaling voyage (voyage 37) in 1926. Today marks her 38th voyage.

    She is going to be sailing to several places and will be on display in New Bedford, and in Boston. I will be there on both displays and also to see her back in Mystic Ct.

    I was fortunate to tour part of the restoration at the Carpenter shop in Mystic a couple of years ago. THAT - my friends IS FULLY - woodworking. Most of the restoration was done in period methodology - hand tools.

    Today was a fully awesome day

    I do hope you enjoy the few pictures I posted - I must have taken 50-75 pictures.

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    Love the pictures Leo. Having been to Mystic Seaport about four years ago, I know of what you are saying, A beautiful part of the country for sure. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great post! One thing you easterners have over us on the west coast, is history. The first time I made a trip to the east I was amazed how must history was there verses what we have out west. Just something I never thought about until I started seeing it. Never been to RI, but my wife has many years ago and she still brings it up occasionally. Mainly for the boats. I love boats, especially old wooden ones. I dream of sailboats and have never been on one. Someday, someday. Great pictures.

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    That's a really cool carving!! few months back I finished Ashley's "the yankee whaler" (I've long had his book of knots), well worth reading if you enjoy this sort of thing.

    Also recommend "the young sea officers sheet anchor", i got my copy from leevalley which had a better quality reprint, but appears to no longer be available there

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    I am not a history buff. However, I really enjoyed your thread.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    We lived in Slatersville RI for about 10 years. I owned a contractor supply business and covered the whole state. We spent a lot of time in Portsmouth, Newport, Bristol, Warren, Little Compton and other seacoast towns. Nice place to live.

    I love most of New England, Couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
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    Great ship! I was on her about three years ago, when they had her hauled out and drydocked at Mystic. Restoration at that time was ongoing, mainly below decks. Good to see she's seaworthy again.
    Jim D.
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    I grew up and spent most of my working years in the Mystic / Stonington area. Must have been in 5th or 6th grade and had a small boat (8-10 foot)with a small outboard that I could cruise around on the Mystic River with.

    As a kid I spent a lot of time on the Morgan. Great to see the ship fully restored. I remember the bunks which seemed to be about 4 feet long and some of the rooms where headroom was about 5 feet. I think the story was most of the crew were rather short people.

    The museum has all the old equipment to make things the way they originally did. I am sure the only power tools used for the restore were for lighting.

    Take a ship like that, cover in with whale oil and it must have had a wonderful aroma for all aboard to enjoy.

    Anybody up for a "Nantucket sleigh ride"?
    Let me get this right - Your going to stick that sharp stick with a rope on it tied to our small boat into that large whale? Do you think that is going to upset the whale??

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    Thanks for the pics and stories, Leo. I've only had the opportunity to see that part of the country once, and it was only for a few days during a business trip. Despite being a short trip, I did get a chance to visit the Mystic Seaport (which was very cool) as well as the Denison Homestead (Pequotsepos Manor) nearby. I arrived at the Manor shortly after closing time on a Sunday afternoon with three co-workers, and upon learning that I was a Denison, the docent invited us all inside for a very nice tour. All in all, I really enjoyed the area. (Have some good stories about Providence RI, too, but in the spirit of family-friendliness, I'll keep them to myself, lol.)

    But for the record, we've got some even older houses here in NM. Apartments, even.

    This is Puye Cliffs, inhabited by about 1500 farmers and hunters from the 900s until about 1580 A.D. (I grew up part of my life within a couple dozen miles of here.)

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    I am glad you all liked it.

    I love New England and the history we have.

    Diane and I spend a great deal of time visiting and digging into all that we can find - and there is no lack at all.

    I take tons of pictures every where we go.

    I figure - there are people that come here from all over the world just to visit - so - being that I live here - I can share.

    When I visit the Morgan in New Bedford next week I will do another little posting of my home town.

    It takes me about 30 minutes to get to Newport - non highway!

    It takes me 10 minutes to get to New Bedford - non-highway

    Boston is 45 minutes - via highway.

    Cape Cod - 30 minutes to 2 hours if I go all the way to P-Town

    Plimouth is about 45 minutes.

    I work in Providence - you can say whatever you want - we already know anyway.

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