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Thread: did you guys forget its friday?

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    did you guys forget its friday?

    its like no sunshine when someone doesn't start the Friday thread.

    just a quick peek at an outdoor art show tomorrow morning, that's about it, perhaps start the cabinets by breaking down the sheets to more manageable pieces.
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    ONE LAST beam cover - LAST one

    Plus more on the remodel project

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    Getting older way too fast!
    House is currently being "repaired" & painted. Amazing the amount of wood wrought by Mother Nature!
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    did you guys forget its friday?

    "Ain't no sunshine when you are away".

    Sitting at the Oakland airport waiting for my flights home for the weekend. Been 3 weeks.

    I know I know, that is not how the actual lyrics go, but it fits my situation.

    Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
    It's not warm when she's away.
    Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
    And she's always gone too long
    Anytime she goes away.

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    It's a music weekend for me.

    Playing a gig tonight at a local tavern. Looking forward to it, as there will be a few out of town guests in the audience, including my first wife (still a great friend). She was around back in the days when I was making my sole living with a guitar, but she's not heard me play on stage in over 30 years.

    Saturday afternoon is a going away party for a good friend and bass player who's moving to Las Vegas. It will be a jam session party with a lot of musicians playing. Looks like our band will be the core group, with others sitting in with us. Saturday night I'm not playing, but I'll be attending a show played by some friends in a band I'm hoping to join as a second musical project.

    Sunday will hopefully be a "catch up on sleep" day.
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    Got another set of grands visiting. Ten pound pork butt in the smoker tomorrow. Been raining so there are plenty of weeds to pull in the garden, but this is gonna be one of the best garden seasons yet...knock on wood.
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    its beautiful out here on east coast ny area today, mid to upper 70s, low humidity, and besides getting all the ply into my shed and garage, Ive lost all my motivation to start sheet work. Any flat work right now.
    Its like I lost my woodworking mojo....not good, sitting in my house on computer at noon time, thinking about where Im going to eat lunch.
    I should probably skip lunch, dinner also for the next 4 years.
    If I had half the motivation I do for looking for someplace to eat lunch or dinner, Id be a woodworking machine again.
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    Still dealing with back pain. Got my back brace yesterday. Helps. Still some swelling. Really did a number on the back! Got some Thermaflex from the feed store. Strong menthol smell but that is not bad.

    But, the back is easing up. Hopefully soon an adjustment will hold. Finally figured out what I did. Turned and banged my hip into a table. Wrenched my back slightly sidewise. Then I picked up a 25 pound 4x4. Picked it up correctly but my back was slightly out and that provided the slide into disaster. Have to watch the banging around. Body is too fragile.

    Today got caught up on the dishes, picking up around here, and headed to do laundry. Doesn't sound like much, unless every breath you take hurts. Tomorrow is our woodturners' meeting and another trip to the chiropractor. Sunday is more recovery. Haircut scheduled for Monday. Maybe soon I will feel human again.

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    Sorry your back is still hurting Carol, sure hope it stops soon.

    i plan on finishing up a couple table tops for my brothers pontoon boat this weekend so I can begin a dresser project with a twist (new thread on it soon) for the misses. Just finished the drawings and measurement sheet, need to pick up some ply for internal parts and fortunately already have the walnut for the outer pieces parts

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    Well, not my kind of weekend, two weddings to go to! BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!

    All Carol's back problems must be contagious. Had a real sore back the bast 3 days. Nothing serious, just too much bending over pulling weeds. A day or two in the shop would fix it right up. Funny how it hurts when I pull weeds, but not when I am in my shop. Carol, hope yours get better soon. You have been suffering way too long.
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