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Thread: Pegboard vs. slatwall-looking for help

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    Pegboard vs. slatwall-looking for help

    Which is better for tool storage? I'm looking to put up a large section behind my chop saw station. I think it's a little easier if everything is in plain site rather than in drawers, that is for small items, not power tools.

    I'd like to get some input on the pros and cons of both or not at all.


  2. Hey doug. In my opinion, it comes down to looks and cost. Pegboard will be quite inexpensive. The slatboard might be pricier, but looks nicer. Personally, looks are important to me so I would go with the slat board.

    On a functional note, slatboard does seem like it can hold more weight (uneducated guess).

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    I'm OK with the 1/4" pegboard if properly supported. I generally mount it as panels that can be relocated a bit if required down the road. I use 3/4" x 1" strips for standoffs and use them on end so as not to block any holes.

    Slatwall does look nice and I believe you can make your own "hooks" for shop made do-thingies to hang special tools. On the other hand if I make a special holder for say, a small square; I just use "L" hooks spaced on 1" centers coming out of the back of the do-thingy and hang it wherever I like.
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    Good question as I need to do the same. Would the slats hold dust?? Might be a good argument for peg board.

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    For me, I don't have the wall space, and even if I did, I do not like either.

    I'd rather have cabinets and shelves, but that is just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Horton View Post
    Would the slats hold dust?? Might be a good argument for peg board.

    another good Question, I have Peg board but it is in a "Framed" environment. Lower portion of wall is Paneling as well as top 8" the peg is inbetween as you don'rt need it low and you cant use it at the top. My opinion (price not included) is the slats will offer more ease in hanger placement which is a plus, but I think there will be a dust collection to contend with.

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    Yes, slatwall will collect some dust, but just run the shop vac over it (or blast it with the air hose if you like to breath dust) during your normal cleaning.
    Positives and negatives: You can position items on slatwall in an infinate number of places horizontally, but are limited to fewer spots virtically. Slotwall is easy to paint. Pegboard has about twice as many vertical positions, but is limited on the horizontal placements. Pegboard collects paint in all the holes when painted, making the process tedious, or time consuming to drill out the paint later. With pegboard, you also lose the holes where you have bracing behind it for strength. Not so with slatwall.
    The person that had my house before we bought it, had pegboard up for tools. He also had slatwall cut and turned vertically for wainscotting on the lower walls!!!! I took out the pegboard, and reclaimed as much slatwall as I could. Most slatwall I've seen in business settings was painted. This stuff has an oak plastic laminate applied to the surface. I have several joints for each longer section I made, but hey, the price was right! Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	7261 I'm cutting some of the pieces that are too badly water damaged to use on the wall in 3/4" strips, and skinning the laminate off of it. I can put this into the slats to cover up the MDF look. Kind of dresses it up a little, and can be pulled out if need be.
    If you go the slatwall route, watch for some retail stores going out of business that have this up on the walls. You might be able to get some lexan hangers for it that are little shelves. We used to have some at a stereo store I worked at. Not cheap if you have to buy them new. I picked up some "pegs" for the slatwall from a Radio Shack store that closed, a nickle a piece. Hope my experiences help. Jim.
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    I just hung some pegboard in a storage shed. My neighbor came by after I finished and said "I thought you'd have hung slats." I hadn't even considered the slats as I was in a hurry and just wanted ot cover the wall which was foil faced sheathing. I used the white pegboard and I do like the way it brightened up the space, but I am wondering if I should have hung slats as I see the pegboard being less durable over time. Since its up I am going to live it with it for now.

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    Doug, have you looked at this thread?

    Christian has Concrete walls in his shop, so he mounted French cleats and then made the hanging tool panels from OSB, (you could also use plywood) and even paint it if you want. With his method, it is stronger than either pegboard OR slatwall, and you can mount items anywhere you want on the boards to fit whatever your needs are.

    If you do use pegboard, and want to add some screws for strength other than around the frame or perimeter of the panel, I used to cut short lengths of 3/8" copper tubing to use as a spacer/standoff between the pegboard and wall, and then run the screw through a washer, then the pegboard, then through the copper tubing and into the wall at a stud location, and this didn't interfere with as many of the pegboard holes as backer strips would have, and you can spot them around so they don't fall where you need to use a peg hole to hang something.

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    Thanks for the input guys. It sounds like the slat wall might be the way to go. I know with pegboard they have clips that screw in so when you pull off a tool the hook doesn't come with it. Do they offer the same thing in slatwall?

    Also where can you buy slat wall and all the hooks. I've seen a few internet sites. I wouldn't mind buying the hooks on line but rather buy the board locally.


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