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    I just finished with my third phone call with Glenn today. I just had to say that in spite of the razzing I give him on Family Woodworking all of the time; he is a great guy and a true friend as well as being my son. He is a joy to be with.

    I will admit, in public, that I am probably a posterior pain to him with all of my computer and woodworking questions. He just pleasantly gives me the answer---Even if it is the third time I have asked him the same question.

    Just to confirm that this is a post about wood, I will say, “Life would be boring without him.”

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    Uhhhhh....what's his number??

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    Nothing better than a proud dad.

    I'm sure he's pretty proud of the "old man" as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    Uhhhhh....what's his number??
    Sounds to me He's "Number 1"
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    Indeed, you did yourself proud with Glenn.
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    He puts up with you because dads are special. But you already know that.
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    well vaughn, he isnt my dad, but i think they both are special and its his fault for all of it
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    Just proves you raised him well. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree
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    seems to me from what little I know from this website, that glenn had a good teacher.

    Jim, you are an inspiration to many of us here, myself included ofcourse, you are a positive person, you never have a bad thing to say about anyone, you encourage people to advance their woodworking(skills, knowledge, practice, etc), and you are just one interesting person.

    glenn(and his brother) are lucky. I have no doubt what a good man glenn is, you helped mold him.(jews call this nachas, your son gives you nachas.)
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    Yup Allen said it all.

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