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Thread: HA - beat you to the punch - FRIDAY, what's on your list

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    East Freeetown, Massachusetts

    HA - beat you to the punch - FRIDAY, what's on your list

    LAST BEAM COVER going up tomorrow

    Then - and extensive trip to the Charles W. Morgan - and a city tour of New Bedford - from a natives viewpoint - ME

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    I just came to check, good work leo.

    seems my aunt and uncle are up from florida, theres a big bash for them tomorrow night for their 62 nd wedding anniversary...hey, that's pretty impressive, but we already had plans so the cousins are inviting us out tonight with them for dinner, my favorite Italian place.

    tomorrow, we are headed off for the jersey shore, sun, fun, gambling, food, a lot of food, catch a movie, catch a show, did I mention food and a lot of it?

    there will be no summer plans for us after this, elen is starting radiation and its a daily thing for the next 6 or 7 weeks, so this is our last chance to get away for a bit. Not a bummer, shes ok and that's all that matters.

    If any of you jersey woodworkers are down near the southern part of the jersey shore, pm me if youd like to meet up.
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    I think we're watching the grandson all weekend (daughter works most of it), but will have to see how well he's going to sleep this weekend. Last weekend he was still waking up every 2 hours and my wife and I saw each other in shifts. Other than that, I have a rifle stock I want to get a little further along to getting finished. I have some yard work to do around the pool, maybe get the fountain uncovered finally and get some mulch down. Also need to get up in the attic to get a gable cover off I didn't realize was still on so it can vent out a little better.

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    Repair my Canjo neck screw up
    A Turn N Time
    Components for John Smith Organs and the Hobby Organ Builder

    Frog Pond Guitars

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    Gardening, SketchUp for the new garage and trying to find a place to dump the fill from my driveway extension.

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    Daughter and family coming for the weekend. Daughter is going to help my wife some going through 40+ years of accumulated "stuff". My wife is still determined, I am going to finish the basement so we can sell and move. I am still dragging my feet. I love this place.
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    Friday already? We just had one! What happened to the days in between?
    Today should be "completion" day for painting of the house & shed. Looking great!
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    Tonight, family barbecue at home, tomorrow night, family barbecue at my son's, Sunday, having the grandson baptized, and then off to the cottage for a week, during which time I will be incommunicado, as I ban computers and TV from the cottage. See you next Sunday.

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    Friday: Mostly rest today! LOML and I worked in the yard most of Thursday - me mowing the lawn, then helping her transplant a few things and plant some new stuff. Finally settled into the hot tub about 6:30 last evening.

    Saturday: Some shop time mainly to do a little cleaning and organizing. Also might finally try my hand at mixing some different colors of resin to mold some bottle stopper and pen blanks. Then an early dinner and settle in for the race.

    Sunday: Sleep in for a bit, do brunch, then do nothing the remainder of the day!
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    The dreaded weeding. Between the garden & flower beds, this year has been a non-stop festival for the little buggers
    Also need to dig a pathway into the shop so I can attempt a start at cleaning the pig-sty
    Other than that, just the usual cold pops & grill fixin's...
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