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Thread: water stained wood

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    water stained wood

    A friend has acquired two pre shaped and inlet maple gunstocks for flint long rifles. They are serious water stained. They were under an air conditioner that dripped on them for a long time. Any way to remove the stains or should he just complet the rifles and resort to a dark stain finish to hide the water damage.?
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    oxalic acid which is a type of wood bleach frank might help,, contact jeff jewwit on this for better info.. homestead finishing
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    Larry is correct wood bleach will work I used it when I did the church commission on the dove that Toni carved for me and also on some other wood. The stuff I used I got from wood craft and it was a two part process. I did not get the results I wanted from oxcylic acid. the stuff I used was sodium Hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Here is a link to the thread
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    The octalic acid (Bar Keepers Friend at grocery store) I think is more for iron stains. If they are from mildew you might use chlorine bleach.

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