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Thread: How can people do this

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    How can people do this

    US Marine from the area was killed in Afghanistan. Tomorrow he is being laid to rest in his hometown of Greenfield, NH.

    These people plan on attending.

    I'm so angry I can hardly see straight. All I know is that I'll be there to support his family.

    Sub-human people.
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    well i couldnt restrain myself either bob.. to many things are being allowed to be done now days..
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    The story is so short it makes about as much sense as the protesters(?). Why would they protest such a thing? A little research shows they are pretty much a hate group disguised as a religious organization or some-such. A little context in the story might make it at least appear like journalism. And to think, parents thought they were seeing the decline of western civilization when I was a kid. Apparently we can still go lower .
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    I would cantact. The loacl vfw i am sure they can muster enough folks who would make those animals think twice about being there. It has happened when they tried it out this way.
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    Good for you Bob....

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    I have very specific thoughts about those people...and they are best kept to myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    ...A little research shows they are pretty much a hate group disguised as a religious organization or some-such...
    At their core, they are a family of lawyers and litigators who make a living from antagonizing others then suing them when their victims retaliate. (In essence, taunting you until you hit them, then filing assault charges against you.) The religious aspect is merely a front and a tax break. The chance of them actually showing up to protest are fairly slim, and if they do, the Patriot Guard will likely do a good job of keeping them out of view from the soldier's family.

    Groups like the Phelps family (which makes up all of the leadership and most of the membership) thrive on the attention they get. The less media time they are given the better.
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    I don't know what to say without going into a nasty rant about these low life scum that feed upon others. Oops, can feel myself getting warmed up, better stop now.

    Glad you brought this to our attention Bob to remind us what's out there.
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    I go with starve them of air time, err i mean air.....less air less ability to make noise.

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    I'm surprised some PTSD inspired vet has not wiped out the lot. They have been at it a long time. Free speech can sure be hurtful.

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