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Thread: Dont ignore a customer gripe

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    Dont ignore a customer gripe

    I guess many have probably seen this video. I got sent a link from one of my associates overseas with the background story to the video. Thought the guitar players would find it amusing.

    United has supposedly tried to buy the video but he gave them the line they gave him when he told them he was going to make a You Tube video ....."Good luck with that one Pal".

    After recently helping Linda with a baggage claim I could relate to his protest our case involved a different airline though...our national carrier.

    Check out the characters, tell me you have not seen them on an airline.

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    A college buddy was proudly flying back to Michigan following his first degree and took along a new birds-eye double cutaway hat he had picked up the day before heading to the airport. The ATA looking flight case that the guitar was in was no match for the tug that ran into it after it fell off the trailer ahead of it on the tarmac. When the guitar arrived at baggage check literally being held in one mass courtesy of the wad of tape proudly bearing the carrier's logo he was shocked to say the least. After hearing the story, he was pleased that the guitar was so new he still had the receipt in his wallet. He got a check for the whole amount in about 30 days but, missed the opportunity to show it off to all his home town buds one of whom was Mark Farner of Grand Funk fame ;-( Coulda been worse.
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    Funny to watch but sadly not an isolated situation. I once watched a loading of baggage and was shocked. It is a wonder all bags do not arrive seriously damaged. I once had a customer complain to me about the behavior of an employee who I believe was my best worker. Complaints are a business owners best marketing tool. Justified complaints should be welcomed. Airlines just do not care however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ...Justified complaints should be welcomed....
    I agree completely. Not only can they be used as a way to impress the customer complaining by taking care of the problem, they also are a great way to train employees. Not just the one the complaint is being made on...use the example to teach everyone, including yourself, how to handle situations in the future.
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    That is only half the story with airlines anymore! They don't treat the passengers much better! Much to my wife disappointment I absolutely refuse to fly commercial anymore. I hate being herded around like sheep.

    That is a great video he put together!
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    You can replace the name United for any name you want.

    One thing I can say though

    IT WARMS MY HEART - to no end having something like YouTube to make that sort of advertisement.

    Even moreso - IT WARMS MY HEART - that someone with that kind of talent can have such an impact is a friendly and non violent way - to make an infraction so clear.

    Breaking the guitar is bad - yes.

    Not standing behind your services and stepping up to the plate to make it right - that is the real infraction.

    BIG companies against the little people - classic.

    I just LOVE that video - LOVE it!!

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    This one's been around for quite a while, but it's entertaining.

    A couple of thoughts, though...

    If the guy is flying with a Taylor guitar in anything less than an ATA-approved flight case, I have very little sympathy for him. Even a non-ATA molded case (think Samsonite-style luggage) will withstand anything a ramp jockey can dish out as long as it fits the guitar snugly.

    I used to travel a lot for business, and the only time my luggage ever got lost was on a United flight between Atlanta and Los Angeles. Within 24 hours, United located my bag and had it delivered to my door, about 35 miles from the airport.
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    brings back memories of that luggage commercial that had a bunch of gorillas(don't remember if they were real gorillas or costumes) tossing around luggage referencing the way your luggage gets handled while travelling.
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    When I was a road warrior, I shipped via FedEX and just carried a backpack and a briefcase after 2 mishaps with the airlines. Getting my luggage to me after the show began or even was already over was totally unacceptable. Never knew if what I needed was going to make it to the show, so FedEx to the rescue. Simply packed one box with clothing and such.

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