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Thread: singer table/plant stand

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    singer table/plant stand

    I've had my great grandmothers old singer sewing machine for a long time. The top was in really bad shape and really not worth trying to fix. I stripped it down to the base and made a top out of some reclaimed barn wood that was from around the 1920's. I left a lot of the imperfections in the wood. I gave it to my sister. She was thrilled.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    A great re-use of both. Very Cool.
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    Well Done!
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    Very nice! The wood was the perfect choice for that.
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    Very cool John, each time i see one of these machines it brings back great memories of my childhood. Used to love sitting on the peddle and rocking the machine favorite place to hang out as a tot. Dont remember much else but do remember the singer.

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    Nice table .......Oh and also I see a NICE Organ Crank Flywheel..............just say-n
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    Man, that Singer metal work sure brought back the memories. My mother had one just like it.

    I vividly remember the day that she got a new Sears electric sewing machine. Wow, that was great, no more peddling.

    The Sear's store was way out in the country, on Ninth, west of Los Angeles, CA. There was nothing but fields for miles in all directions. Now there is nothing but buildings for miles (not even a vacant lot); you almost have to get to the desert before you can find a "field."

    Thanks for the memories and Enjoy,
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    well done john,, now take yur boy out fishun
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    Thanks guys.
    To hot to fish here Larry. It's been like living in a sauna! Heat index has been near 100 all week. I'm glad you said the fishing thing, it's supposed to be 83 tomorrow. I'm going to take him tomorrow morning.

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