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Thread: Monsoon season has finally arrived...

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    Monsoon season has finally arrived...

    Here in Arizona we are known for our "dry heat" but what a lot don't know is that we often experience higher then normal humidity and sever weather known as Monsoons. Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Utah all get to enjoy this weather change from late June till lat Sept. According to the weather service the season starts on June 15th but no one ever told the weather that. It used to be when the dew point temp reached 55 degrees for 3 straight days we were in the monsoon season and that is what I watch.On Tues. the dew point hit 57 on wed it was 56 and yesterday it was at 61 and guess what, we had our first monsoon last night. Right now we are sitting at around 61 degrees for the dew point so we can count on another light show (thunder and lightning) tonight for the 4th. Oh well at least it is a change from all of the sunshine and we don't have to shovel it so I enjoy it.
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    Was always nice when the monsoons came through and it actually rained! The temperature drop after the storm was really nice. The last few years we lived around there you'd get the humidity rolling in with some clouds and lightening but it wouldn't ever rain, that wasn't so great.

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    Yep, we've had three or four days of nice thunderstorms, and pretty good rains to go with them the last couple of nights. I like this time of year here.
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