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Thread: moxon vise

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    moxon vise

    Besides the two blanket chests I am currently building, and amoung the other projects I have going on, I finally got the hardware made to build a moxon Vise.

    Although I prefer the european style bench with a shoulder vise and a tail vise, the moxon vise kind of trips my trigger, because sometimes the shoulder vise places the body a little farther back when sawing dovetails. The roubo bench, and I see no reason why, seems to be the most popular type of bench being made these days and the moxon vise is one of the most popular vises going with this type of bench. And not having a shoulder vise I can under stand why the need for the Moxon vise.

    Trust me I have no planes to convert to a roubo style bench, the moxon vise looked like a fairly easy vise to build, since building tool and dies is what I did for a living I though I would have ago at it. Here are some pictures of my hardware. I will post pictures of the vise when I get it built and let you know what I think. Since the pictures were taken on my bench I thought I would throw in a picture of it too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Moxon vice is quite useful. I built mine into a bench-on-bench that I fasten to my Roubo style bench. It works unbelievably well for both dovetail joints and mortice and tenon joints. Try it, you will like it!

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    That is a darn good looking bench.

    However, I do not know what a Moxon vise is. Oohh, that sentance probably sent my English teachers spinning in their graves.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    That is nice! I can't wait to see the finished product.

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    moxon vise

    Where did you get your hand wheels? I've ordered some 3/4 acme threaded rod and nuts, but can't seem to find a hand wheel with a center hole over 3/8". Am I going to have to drill it out?

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    The hand wheels say they have a 3/8 center hole, but do not have any hole what so ever. I did the drilling and taping myself. Of coarseI had to buy the tap. That is why it is a 3/4-6. I didn't see any other size listed. Is there any interest in buying just the hardware?

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    Are you suggesting you would drill and tap the holes in the handles for those interested for a price? I would be depending on the price. The Benchcraft kit is a bit steep in my view for what it is.

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    I answered in the clasified section. There are several different number of threads, 3/4-5 3/4-6 and so on and I can only to a 3/4-6. So if a persons thread size is different I can't do it. The tape by its self was $80.

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    moxon vise offers a reasonably priced kit. I don't want to spend $ for a tap I'll probably never use again, so I was think of double nutting the wheel. My machinist friend suggested drill out and either a set screw or tension pin. Slight diff in classic Moxon is the chop will free float and the screw will turn. This avoids having a few inches of screw protruding and will have increased capacity if needed.

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