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Thread: Router Recall

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    Router Recall

    Porter Cable has recalled about 100,000 Model 7518 & 7519 routers made over the past 24 years. If you've got one, you might wanna check this out.
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    Here's the PC site link. Looks like they are offering a free replacement fixed base with insulated handles. Wonder if electrical shock is due to static build up or a shorting issue in the wiring?

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    So they only going to change out the base for insulated handles. I wonder what that means for the thousands that have been put into router lifts. Seems to me they saying it will shock ya but we will insulate you from it yet if you use the motor in any other way we not worried.

    Dont make sense to me their solution that is. Glad i purchased the Milwaukee for lift application.

    Does say perhaps there is wisdom in putting an earth connection on any router lift metal insert plate just as a precaution. Many power tools are not earthed at all and use double insulation as protection.

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    So, if you've been using your router for 24 years, without incident, are you really going to send it in now? Didn't think so.

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    I have one that fits that description. But I am not going to get too excited about it. Mine lives in a lift as well. Two things popped out here.

    "No incidents or injuries due to electric shock have been reported."

    "The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been joined by Health Canada in announcing the recall."

    If the proper fix is insulated handles and not an actual wiring issue, then I see regulatory agencies mucking about, making an issue out of a non-issue, and adding expenses that are recovered from the final consumer to increase along the entire product line.

    Now, if Porter Cable had announced the recall and there was more too it than just insulated handles and if there was even one mishap reported, that would be a different story for me.

    Will I get a new base? Probably not. I don't use the old one. Color me cynic if you wish, but I get a little feisty about interference for less than good reason, and I don't see one here.

    As for the lift issue, tell me how insulated handles would prevent an electrical shock transmitted through a router life when the base those handles are attached to lies on a dusty shelf somewhere. Common sense, folks, common sense.

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    I have my PC 7518 mounted in a router lift. That thing is a beast I can't imagine a time when I might want to use it as a hand held.


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    Agree, the logic behind this one confuses me.... Maybe there is some rule about handles having to be insulated but there are so many other contact points here I don't really see it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    "No incidents or injuries due to electric shock have been reported."

    "The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been joined by Health Canada in announcing the recall."
    I think Carol is most likely right. A regulatory issue. If no incidents have been reported, it would even be hard to blame it on the trial suit lawyers!
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