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Thread: Hey Stu! Here's one for you.

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    Hey Stu! Here's one for you.

    I have read about a few folks wanting one of these. I found them by accident tonight.

    Alan, I thought about your disk sander, I'll bet you could make this easily.


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    Yeah I read about this as well. It was on "the other forum" about a year ago. I read the article and really looked into making one. I never have though due to time and a lack of need at this point.

    My idea however was to place this home-made drum sander on the other side of my planer that way when you ran your board through the planer for its final pass, you could use the feeder of the planer to drive the board through the sander at a consistant rate.

    I might even put heavy springs on the machine to hold the danding drum down along the top of the board, but I am not convinced that would work so well.

    Just some thoughts, though I am not stu!!
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    Shopnotes Vol 15 Issue 86 for Mar/Apr 2006 is a much better designed 16" sander it even has a feed belt the the material sets on & is fed through the sander.
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