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Thread: Returning after a long departure

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    Returning after a long departure

    Hello woodworking friends,

    I have been away from this forum and woodworking for some time now. after starting a family in 2007 I just got too busy and found it too cumbersome to set up the shop in my 2 car garage which I share with my wife’s car, washer, dryer, freezer, 5 bicycles and a bunch of other stuff just to squeeze in a hour of shop time.

    I plan to return to woodworking soon as I have just bought a home on a large lot with plenty of room for a shop. The proposed plan I have created calls for a cement slab with driveway access and wood frame structure 18’ X 26’ a 12’ roll up door, standard man door, 3 windows, insulated vaulted ceiling, insulated walls with wood siding, plywood interior walls and plenty of 110 & 220 power all around, floor and ceiling included. I have created a scaled drawing of the shop and my tools to determine an efficient layout and where I will need power and how much. Placement of windows, lighting, doors, ventilation, dust collection etc. are all being carefully considered. I have posted a progress shot of the shop in the "show us your shop" thread.

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    welcome back the forum is still friendly but some of us have gotten more gray hair
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    Hey Dewayne, welcome back. The new shop sounds like a fun project. You should start a new thread to document the progress. There are a lot of folks here who'd enjoy following along.
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    Welcome back to the Family, Dewayne!

    Sounds like a good plan for your shop. Ditto what Vaughn said about documenting and posting.
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    Glad you're back
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    Welcome back Dewayne! If I recall, you have a very organized shop with taped off work areas, looking forward to the progress and pics of the new place.

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    5 bikes, sounds like you've been a very busy man.

    congrats on the new family.

    keep us posted on how the shops coming along.

    glad to see you came back,
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    Congrats on the new home and shop. Looks really nice. Did the bid you accepted include the electrical or just the shop structure and doors etc.? You seem to be quite an accomplished woodworker from the project you have posted in the past.

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    Welcome back Dewayne Checked out your new shop thread and you sure will have some great space

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    Congratulations on the family, and welcome back.

    If it isn't too late, I suggest you increase the shop width a couple feet. One of my friends built a huge shop, but configured it so that it could become boat storage (he is near a lake), or a 5 car working garage for a car collector, or other uses - his shop will add lots of resale value to his house, not limited to a woodshop. Those couple feet would make it a great two car garage if someone were so inclined, and the depth/height would add other options such as boats.
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