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Thread: Not woodworking but new tools that are worth their weight

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    Not woodworking but new tools that are worth their weight

    I thought i would share a few tips i picked up along the way with the car reno i just conpleted.

    First i think we need to give Harbor Freight a break in the automotive tool department. Seriously when it comes to a one time use or close to that, some of their tools are really the way to go. We have Princess Auto here that sells exact same tools also a discounter but as usual for us at a higher price still not what some of the other stores charge though.

    So one item i picked up at HF with a coupon for $7.99 was this right angle air grinder. Given we were using wire brush bits to get rust off all sorts that we were reusing this thing took a beating and is still fighting back. Sure pros will kill it quick but for what we hammered it with i really could not believe it.Click image for larger version. 

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    We used this kit in it

    For the heavy stuff we used a cup wire brush and small grinder.

    Then my new best friend tool is this Oxy Acetylene and I would say not only for guys that do car work but all sorts this thing is fantastic. I did not get one at HF wish i had but gas and bottles etc i was worried about our rules etc change overs etc. BUt it came on sale here at our tractor supply and i wasted no time getting a set. It comes with the empty bottles which in Canada cost around $34 to have swapped over full of gas, hence the old bottles in the picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was given one of these by my Dad when i left SA he used to work with Afrox as a client and when they brought this kind of setup out in SA they presented him one with a plaque. I kept all his stuff but the bottles which i brought to Canada were different so i could not fill them. So now i will change out the carrier to the one my Dad had which is metal and wheels provided the bottles fit it. (have to get it out of somewhere stored in amongst our junk).

    But i could have shortened my difficulties stripping old rusted parts had i sprung for this unit in the beginning. (no sales at the time )

    I got away with Mapp gas on a propane torch but really its just not there for providing the right kind of heat and kind of pointed flame. Few seconds with this baby and boom you away.

    The area where this really played a part is loosening rusted bolts that had broken off in body mounted nuts.

    The cool thing about it is the torch is mini and easy to get into places. You can weld and cut with this unit and it comes with all you need in the way of striker , goggles etc. The torch even has blowback prevention valves built in the handle. it goes on sale at $249 in USA ex gases here when its on sale its $299 normally $499 ex gases.

    Next up a proper Mig Welder but power will limit when i buy, i have decided i am going the lincoln 180 route thats 220v.

    I am going to have a go at welding some stands i have with this and see how i do.

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    Harbor Freight is heaven for infrequent use tools. However, I want to be fast to add that I purchased an 18 volt variable speed drill motor from them 10 or 12 years ago: it still works like new and (are you ready for a miracle?) I am still using the original battery. Don't sluff them off; they have some great bargains; look and use your head, they have some very good stuff. Unfortunately, they also have some total crap and that is what messes up their reputation.

    I have quite a few "worth their weight in gold" HF tools.

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    Some of my most frequently-used tools came from Harbor Freight. That applies to the woodshop I seldom see in LA (dust collector, dead blow hammers, various air hoses and fittings, select lathe tools) and to my shopless apartment in Albuquerque. I came out to ABQ with very few tools, and over the past couple of years I've built up a few basic tools like wrenches, clamps, a small compressor, and more air hose and fittings as I've needed them. And pretty much all of the ABQ purchases have come from Harbor Freight, since there's one just a couple or three miles from my apartment. (And Lowe's is just another half mile from there.)
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