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Thread: Attaching The Flags

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    Attaching The Flags

    I have my flags done and ready to attach to the sides of my organ cart. Hummmm, not sure how to go about it. I plan on some screws from the inside of the cart, into the flags. Problem is I need to hold the the flags in place while I put in the screws. The sides of course are painted. I don't see any way to clamp the flags in place without risking marring the paint on the flags and the cart. Will Contact Cement stick to paint? I have some of that. I have double sided tape, but I don't know what it will do over time. Any suggestions. It is not going to be easy drilling and screwing from inside the cart so I need them to hold pretty good while I do it. Nope, can't take the top off it is screwed on and plugs over the screws. I know, think ahead my boy, think ahead...
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    When I needed to attach two thin, scroll-sawn items to a cremation urn I made after the finish was applied, I used epoxy to hold the piece that went on the top. For a cross to go on the front, I drilled a shallow 1/4" hole in the center of it into which I epoxied a short length of 1/4" dowel, then drilled a hole through the front of the box for the dowel and held the cross in place using a small amount of epoxy on the dowel.
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    Thanks, I think I could make that work and not have to worry about getting the screws in the correct place from the inside. Would ensure I don't slip and drill through the flags.

    Thank you, don't know why I didn't think of that. I use dowels lots of times to fasten things.
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