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Thread: Bikers, Be Careful Out There!

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    Bikers, Be Careful Out There!

    Edric Amparan is a guitarist and friend of mine who plays in a local band with two of my best friends.

    Monday night after a band rehearsal, Edric was hit on his motorcycle by a driver who ran a red light. He's now unresponsive in critical condition in the ICU with multiple life-threatening injuries. (Brain trauma, crushed ribs, compromised lungs, and various other internal injuries.) Things are still very touch and go, and if he does live, there's no telling to what extent he'll recover. He was riding at night, in the rain, on a black bike and wearing all black leathers. And he was not wearing a helmet (they are not required in this state). Yes, the automobile driver ran a red light, but had Edric been more visible that night, I quite possibly would not be posting this.

    Please be careful, bikers.

    And if you're driving a car or truck, please watch out for bikers.
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    I hope he recovers well. He will have a story to tell that may save many others.

    I had reflective tape sewn on the back & down each sleeve of a heavy duty sky jacket & big reflective spots on my helmet along with long gauntlet style gloves.

    I have a hard time understanding protecting yourself with leather on your body but no helmet.

    Standing on the edge of the highway just around a bend in the road one evening with my back to the traffic every car rounding the bend would hit their bright lights when I turned to the side where only the 1 strip of reflective tape showed they left the low beams on, turn my back & instant brights. Reflective tape & bright or light colors can save your life. If I start riding again I will use reflective tape & bright colors & a helmet.
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    My best thoughts to your friend. I often say; riding a motorcycle is not dangerous; being on a motorcycle when something goes wrong is dangerous. The same can be said for many pursuits. Doing everything you can to make yourself safe during risky activities is your best defense.
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    I hope he heals up and recovers quickly.

    I absolutely hate motorcycles. When I was younger several of my best friends were killed on them. Hit by cars. Several more nearly killed themselves by driving like it always happens to the other guy.
    I wouldn't allow my kids to have one or be on one.
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    My motorcycle jacket is safety lime green that glows in the dark and made of Kevlar. Seriously. Was darned expensive but I light up like a Christmas at night. The whole jacket reflects light, not just some stripes.

    Not wearing a helmet is stupid. Period. But I hope your friend recovers.

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    some times even a helmet doesn't help. i remember an accident at a busy intersection many years ago, motorcycle went through against the light in front of a big truck, quite gruesome results. the rider was wearing a helmet, and they found it almost a block away, his head still in it. i won't have anything to do with motorcycles, too dangerous for me.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend. Let's wish for the best for him.

    I am amazed and disappointed at the number of people who walk or ride a 2 wheel (pedal bike) around with no lights and all dark clothing. It is very bad around the time when we set the clocks back. The run, jog or walk at their normal time but forget that today it is dark out.

    I do think some of those who wander around in the street are looking to get hit for maybe an insurance claim or possibly suicide by traffic who does not see you!!

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    Well, hoping for the best for your friend. They passed the law here for helmets only to have it repealed a year or two later, guess it's a pretty strong subject with some folks. My brother years ago was in a wreck where if he had been wear his seat, he'd not be here. Still doesn't wear them unless getting pulled over, statistics and laws don't convince someone when they don't believe in them.

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    I hope Edric pulls through. Hard to see black on black, even harder in the rain.
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    i also am sad to hear of your friend and hope he pulls threw and this mourning said safe travels, to Dave Hawksford wearing black on a black bike full dress bike and a half helment.
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