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Thread: 8 hackberry bowls

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    8 hackberry bowls

    A few months ago my neighbor lost a small hackberry tree to a storm. She let me take as much as I wanted, which wasn't a lot but enough to keep me busy for a little while. These range from 6" to 8", all have a buffed DO finish.
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    hackberry 06b.jpg   hackberry 07b.jpg   hackberry 08b.jpg  
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    for a not common wood it sure has some character huh got one tree gave to me nd i had it cut into lumber asked about the lumber and was told to paint it but i have used it in many projects and its nice stuff..
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    Those came out nice!

    Never turned hackberry - how is it to work with?

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    They came out nice. Hackberry spalts easily and looks great. You should try to spalt a couple of pieces.

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    Great variety of shapes and rims. Bama is treating you well!
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    I like your bowls..... Hackberry is one of my favorite woods... my pastor had a huge tree come down in a tornado a few years back and let have it whole tree... the trunk was about 3' at the base... then branched into two main trunks... some of it was spalted.... spalted hackberry is some beautiful wood..
    this is a bowl out of one of the pieces... Click image for larger version. 

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    This one is about 11 1/2 inches by about 4 inches deep.
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    Good stuff, Mark. I like all of them, with #6 being my favorite. Glad to see your lathe is getting some action once again.
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    Nice work on keeping the variety going Mark!
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    Those look great Mark!
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