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Thread: Famous Quotes google got it right today in my view ;)

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    Famous Quotes google got it right today in my view ;)

    Well i may be being a little biased given my origins but its well worth remembering Nelson Mandela. There are not many people in modern times that come up with words and deeds to match, which resonate with a positive "vibe" ( you got to read "vibe" as Oddball (Donald Sutherland in Kelley's Heroes said it when speaking to his mechanic about the tank) ....for eternity and can be quoted and adapted for positive purposes. So many speakers have speeches written for them one can hardly consider those reflective of their ability to project original thought in my opinion.

    I am thinking here of people of the stature of

    Winston Churchill, my favorite "give us the tools and we will finish the job" (got a woodworking sound to it no? Use it on my wife all the time.

    John F. Kennedy, my favorite that to me has universal appeal and frankly i use it in business presentations often when addressing a company staff " Ask not what your country ( here i substitute company ) can do for you but what you can do for your country" (i am aware this is not verbatim but one can substitute country with many other entities even family )

    Martin Luther King, ( I have a dream ....) not many visionaries around these days that can motivate people en masse to get behind a purpose.

    But these from Nelson Mandela hit a spot for me. I often cannot help but "Dream" of where my former country would be today had it not gone down the route it did. As my Dad used to say "you make your bed and you have to lie in it" applies to a great deal even buying a bad tool.

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    Have a great weekend Shop time for me

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